Data Tracker

Data Tracker is a computer-based electronic data collection tool designed for researchers and clinicians measuring behavior in real-time. It is designed to easily accomodate situation where complex, simultaneous forms of behavior need to be recorded. This program calculations measures of agreement, provides a range of reports, visualizes on-going data recording, and outputs behavioral measurements in a range of formats.


  • ► Windows / OS X 10.6+ / modern Linux distro
  • ► Internet access, for installation and updates.

Status: Open beta testing

Examine Between-Session Responding

The Data Tracker program collects a range of behavioral data and incoming data can be viewed and interpreted in a range of ways. Between-session visual analysis can be performed by selected which types of behavior to display and aggregating those types of behavior accordingly.

Current features:

  • ► Combining and displaying overall rates of target behavior
  • ► Illustrate individual rates of target behavior over time
  • ► Display behavior across baseline/intervention or conditions

Examine Within-Session Responding

Data Tracker provides within-subject methods for interpreting behavioral data in real-time. These types of analyses assist in the interpretation how behavior takes places in the context other, alternative behavior of interest. Within-session figures can be viewed for recorded sessions as well as provided post-session, as desired.

Easy-to-use Session Designer

The Data Tracker program allows for users to design a range of experiments/treatment conditions. Support is provided for rate/duration-based targets and the measurements provided can accomodate multiple schedules as well. At present, up to three reinforcement schedules can be accomodated concurrently.