Demand Curve Analyzer (web)

The Demand Curve Analyzer was a tool designed to assist clinicians and researchers in conducting behavior economic analyses while also providing more accessible options for these calculations. Demand Curve Analyzer interacts with ALGLIB, a computer library designed to perform linear algebra, to faciliate multiple forms of model fitting while retaining a simple, spreadsheet-based interface with visual guidance. This project is fully open-sourced under a GPL-license (v3) and all source code is completely available (both source and in the beezdemand package).

Undergoing evaluation.

Demand Model Fitter

Behavior Economic Modeling

This tool automates the fitting of the linear, exponential and exponentiated models of demand.

To perform demand model fitting, input at least 3 pairs (x and y) of discounting data. At least three pairs of data are necessary to proceed.

Prices (x) can be any number, though values must be greater or equal to 0. Consumption (y) can be any number, valued at 0 or greater.

Fit Models

The Demand Model Fitter (Source Code) uses the following tools to function:

ALGLIB - GPLv2+ (GPL 3.0)

Jquery - MIT Licensed

Handsontable - MIT Licensed

Chart.js - MIT Licensed