Effect Size Calculator

The Effect Size Calculator is an application that facilitates the analysis of single-case, time series data. Despite wide-spread applicability of these methods for use in clinical and outcomes research, relative few software programs are accessible to typical clinical users and/or educators. The Effect Size Calculator allows users to apply powerful non-parametric analyses (Tau-U), permitting individual outcome metrics as well as meta-analyses- complete with Forrest Plot outputs.

All computations can be performed solely with "point and click" types of operations (no programming experience necessary), though all source code is publicly shared and hosted via Github.


  • ► Windows Operating System with the .NET Framework (4.0+)

Status: Closed Alpha Testing

Source Code

Spreadsheet Interface

Effect Size Calculator uses a familiar and easy-to-understand interface. Built to emulate the traditional spreadsheet experience (i.e., point and click, highlighting, etc.), the Effect Size Calculator enables users with varying levels of technological expertise to manipulate large quantities of data and compute individual and overall outcomes.

Current features:

  • ► Import data using common formats (*.xlsx, *.csv)
  • ► Save results in common formats (*.xlsx, *.csv)
  • ► Visual selection of data for analysis (i.e., point and click operation)
  • ► Publication-quality graphics

Forest Plot

The Effect Size Calculator allows users to compute individual and omnibus effect sizes. The Tau-U calculation is performed for individual series as well as for the overall group. This type of summarization is desirable for large-scale meta-analysis of outcomes in single-case research.