Discounting Model Selector (Web)

The Discounting Model Selector is a web-based tool for applying approximate Bayesian model selection for delay discounting applications. This program allows researchers and clinicians with to perform an empirical comparison of Discounting models for individual series of data. This method has been simplified by Discounting Model Selector through the use of an easy-to-use interface resembling common spreadsheet software.

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Discounting Model Selection

Approximate Bayesian Model Selection

This tool automates discounting model fitting, model comparison, model selection, and calculation of the Effective Delay 50 (ED50).

To perform model selection, input at least 3 pairs (x and y) of discounting data. At least three pairs of data are necessary to proceed.

Delay values (x) can be any number, though values must be between 0-1. This should be calculated as a proportion (i.e., the Y value divided by the Maximum Value). Any higher numbers will prevent you from proceeding.

Fit Models

The Discounting Model Fitter (Source Code) uses the following tools to function:

ALGLIB - GPLv2+ (GPL 3.0)

Jquery - MIT Licensed

Handsontable - MIT Licensed

Chart.js - MIT Licensed