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This is the personal website for Dr. Shawn Gilroy, a professor of School Psychology at Louisiana State University. This site features a wide array of information and resources related to the work done in the lab. Our work spans multiple domains, often occuring at the intersection between behavioral science, computer engineering, and education. This website is a repository of various projects, materials, resources, and various other tools for both educators and researchers.

Recent Posts and Updates

Concurrent Chains: Multi-Column Single-case Figures

Shawn P. Gilroy, 6/8/2024

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This entry covers one of the more challenges issues with single-case visuals (e.g., complications from having many individuals with distinct patterns of data). This guide shows how to visualize competing selections, with changes in contexts (i.e., transitions in Phase ), with wrapping facets. Facet-specific styling is also modeled/demonstrated in this post.

Compound Figures in R: Integrating Integrity and Behavior Rates in FA Figures

Shawn P. Gilroy, 6/2/2024

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This post/guide shows how to create a figure that shows how to dynamically create figures to show information that otherwise would require two or more figures. This guide shows how to overlay a Bar Series over a Multielement chart to simultaneously communicate information about internal validity as well as the presence of some functional relationship.

Drawing Hybrid/Blended Designs in R: Recreating Treatment Evaluation in Gilroy et al. (2019).

Shawn P. Gilroy, 6/2/2024

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This tutorial shows a figure that can be necessary when there is a need to demonstrate experimental control but only two functions/targets are relevant. This figure also review conventions for visualizing schedule thinning/demand fading.

Drawing Functional Analyses in R: Recreation of Gilroy et al. (2019)

Shawn P. Gilroy, 6/2/2024

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This short post shows how to create one of the most commonly-used figures included in SCD research--the analogue FA based on Iwata et al. (1984/1992).

Research Updates

A Systematic Review and Reflection on the Dimensions of Diversity Represented in Behavior Analytic Research

Published: Fri Dec 01 2023

Waits, Jodie A., Choi, Kwon, and Gilroy, Shawn P.

Review Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders
Has PreprintHas RepoCites: 5

Systematic Review of Job Transition Programs Addressed to Youths With Intellectual Disability

Published: Wed Nov 01 2023

Traina, Ivan, Mannion, Arlene, Gilroy, Shawn P., and Leader, Geraldine

Journal of Adult and Continuing Education
Cites: 1

Vehicle Firearm Storage: Prevalence and Correlates in a Sample of Male Firearm Owners

Published: Sat Apr 01 2023

Tucker, Raymond P., Powers, Jeff, Pardue-Bourgeois, Sarah, Oakey-Frost, Nicolas, Moscardini, Emma H., Gilroy, Shawn P., Capron, Daniel W., Bryan, Craig J., and Anestis, Michael D.

Archives of Suicide Research
Cites: 3

A Comprehensive Systematic Review of Procedures and Analyses Used in Basic and Preclinical Studies of Resurgence, 1970–2020

Published: Wed Mar 01 2023

Podlesnik, Christopher A., Ritchey, Carolyn M., Waits, Jo, and Gilroy, Shawn P.

Perspectives on Behavior Science
Has PreprintCites: 18

Tobacco-free policy reduces combustible tobacco byproduct on a large university campus

Published: Sun Jan 01 2023

Gelino, Brett W., Salzer, Allyson R., Harsin, Joshua D., Naudé, Gideon P., Gilroy, Shawn P., and Reed, Derek D.

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
Has PreprintHas RepoCites: 1

Exact solutions for area-based delay discounting analyses

Published: Sun Jan 01 2023

Gilroy, Shawn P. and Hantula, Donald A.

Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology
Has PreprintHas RepoCites: 2

Interpretation(s) of essential value in operant demand

Published: Sun Jan 01 2023

Gilroy, Shawn P.

Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior
Has PreprintHas RepoCites: 1

A delayed intervention start randomized controlled trial of high- and low-tech communication training approaches for school-age autistic children with co-occurring intellectual disability

Published: Sun Jan 01 2023

Gilroy, Shawn P., McCleery, Joseph P., and Leader, Geraldine

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
Has PreprintCites: 2